Document Requirements to Get an Occupational License

Occupational Drivers License Questionnaire


Texas Department Of Public Safety
Texas Department Of Public Safety

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) is responsible for issuing an occupational license when a court orders the same. There are documents necessary to send to DPS in Austin to obtain an occupational license. The following is required to be sent:


  • A certified copy of the petition for an occupational license
  • A certified copy of the order for an occupational license
  • SR-22 insurance form (NOTE: You must send in the verification form which states that the insurance is an SR-22 form)
  • The fee for issuance of the occupational license from DPS
  • Any reinstatement fees (Safety Responsibility fee, Driver Improvement fee, Administrative License Revocation fee, etc.)
You are NOT required to bring past surcharges current or have outstanding warrants lifted before DPS can issue the hard copy of your occupational license. However, a judge may inquire as to the status of those obligations and require that you bring them up to date before being granted an occupational license.
Our experience has taught us that DPS is careless and unapologetic about their handling and processing of occupational licenses. Numerous times we have submitted all the appropriate paperwork and fees only to be delayed in processing because DPS claims to have never received them. And for years, DPS has not taken accountability for their negligence in handling occupational licenses properly and timely. Therefore, we strongly caution people to be diligent and careful when submitting to DPS.


Texas Occupational License Lawyer
Texas Occupational License Lawyer

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