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In order to obtain an occupational drivers license in Texas, you must purchase SR-22 insurance.  In Texas an SR-22 insurance policy is a certificate of insurance that shows the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) proof of insurance for the future, as required by law. SR-22 insurance is not necessarily “high risk” insurance. It is motor vehicle liability insurance which requires the insurance company to certify coverage to DPS, and the insurance company must notify DPS anytime the policy is cancelled, terminated or lapses.

Once the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) receives notification from the insurance company that the policy is cancelled, terminated, or lapses appropriate enforcement action may be taken. If the SR-22 is still required and there is not a valid SR-22 on file, the driving privilege and vehicle registration is suspended.

Most insurance companies have policies which meet state SR-22 requirements.  If you call around, you may find a reasonable deal.

To be granted an occupational drivers license, an orginal SR-22 insurance verification certificate must be attached to the petition for the occupational drivers license when filed.  The certificate usually follows a specific format and clearly states that it is “SR-22” at the top.  As per DPS’s website, they only accept original certificates when submitting the petition and order to them for issuance of the occupational drivers license.

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If you are ready to obtain your occupational drivers license, please contact an insurance provider of your choice to discuss your options.  The sooner you obtain your SR-22 insurance certificate, the sooner we will be able to get you back on the road, legally.  As always, should you have additional questions concerning insurance requirements for an occupational drivers license, please contact our office for assistance.  Thank you.