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Although the majority of occupational licenses are pretty routine, occasionally, we run across one that takes us for a loop. Today, we obtained an occupational license for a gentlemen in Collin County but with a major condition. You see, the client had two previous Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) convictions and a drug charge on his record. Although the offenses occurred years ago, the presiding judge was not and did not issue the occupational license carte blanc. Rather, he ordered the driver to submit to random urinary analysis conducted by the probation department for the Collin County Sheriff’s department as a condition of his occupational license. This condition was imposed instead of the client being forced to install a deep lung device (DLD) on his vehicle (a.k.a., interlock). A DLD is a breath analyzer installed on a vehicle which prohibits the car from starting unless and until the driver blows a into the machine’s receptacle tube for analysis. If no alcohol is detected, the vehicle will start as usual. Otherwise, the vehicle will not start and record the reason for the stall.

This condition also came after a lengthy hearing in which the client explained his situation to the judge, including his prior convictions, alcohol rehabilitation, current living and work arrangements, and financial profile. Indeed, this was no ordinary occupational license at all. In fact, the client attempted to hire a law firm he used before only to be priced out of hiring them because they thought it would be too difficult to get one for him. He dare not do it himself either. He entrusted our firm and we delivered the results he needed. If he successfully passes a few random urinary analysis, he will be released from that condition of his occupational license.

Traffic Ticket Lawyer In Dallas
Traffic Ticket Lawyer In Dallas

This situation just reminded us that there are no guarantees when filing for an occupational license. Like any other legal matter, it takes knowledge, experience, and a little guts to go in and get the job done.  When other attorneys raise their prices because they do not have the confidence to fight for their clients, we make no excuses. Our philosophy has always been to be upfront with our clients about the price, the law, and our capabilities. That is why our clients return to our office and refer us to their friends and family.

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