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Courts are like thumbprints, no two are alike. Sure, they are supposed to follow the law in the administration of justice. Sure, they are supposed to be fair and unbiased in their application of the law. And sure, they are supposed to treat the parties to an action with respect and dignity befitting an entity of its stature. However, we are all very well aware that courts are only as dependable to these principles as the people who run them. The same holds true when considering filing for an occupational license. There are some courts, we have learned through experience, that fail in one or more of the ethical or procedural tenants mandated by our society for a court to follow in order to ensure that justice for the betterment of the people is done. We won’t get into names, but rest assured, you will not find 2 or more courts that use their powers to make sure justice for an occupational license applicant is done swiftly, fairly, and reasonably. You must be willing to endure through the courts own “rules” in order to get an occupational license.

Some courts are easier to deal with when filing for an occupational license. Understanding the rules of the court are essential to getting an occupational license without delay or problems. Only experience can navigate a petitioner of an occupational license through various courts. This is one of the reasons why we strongly recommend using an attorney to obtain an occupational license. Without experienced help, a petition for an occupational license maybe delayed or denied unnecessarily.

When clients ask if they can get an occupational license on their own, we respond yes. Is it recommended, absolutely not. Just like changing your own oil or cutting your own hair, you can do it on your own but it is not worth the risk considering the potential dangers.

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Traffic Ticket Lawyer In Dallas

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