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Texas Department Of Public Safety
Texas Department Of Public Safety

Although an occupational license is a special restricted license, it is not incumbent to the needs of the petitioner. Therefore, the petitioner may request in his/her petition that they be allowed to operate a vehicle at certain times and in certain areas in order to drive to their job, in the performance of their job, or in order to complete certain household duties. While the applicable statutes are not specific about the subject, log books can be an alternative to or an additional restriction for the petitioner in their quest to maintain a functional occupational license.


A log book is simply a binded written history of the petitioner’s daily driving routes and times. It is supposed to be maintained by the petitioner in any vehicle they operate and available for inspection by any police officer or the court at any time. The purpose behind the log book is two fold. First, to track the hours and locations of the driver to ensure they are not exceeding the limitations of the occupational license order. Second, the log book allows the driver more flexibility in the routes they take during their daily activities. It is generally OK for the driver to operate the vehicle at any time during the day so long as the time does not exceed the four hour driving restriction (or 12 hours if the court has ordered an extension).


Some judges order specific times and routes in an occupational license order AND order the driver to maintain a log book. This may seem excessive if the driver is already heavily restricted by the court and must log each and every driving excursion, but judges tend to have pretty wide authority in ordering such restrictions which are not specifically discussed in the occupational license statutes.


Traffic Ticket Lawyer In Dallas
Traffic Ticket Lawyer In Dallas

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