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While the name of the license may seem self-explanatory, there are specific requirements under the laws which dictate the reasons a person may be allowed to operate a motor vehicle while holding an occupational license. A judge is given wide authority to limit a person to operating a motor vehicle for certain reasons and during certain times and in certain places. For example, a judge can order a person to order the petitioner to drive only to work and for work purposes. The judge can also allow the person to operate the vehicle for essential household needs, which those needs are not specified in the statutes. And the other most common reason a judge can order an occupational license is to attend a school or higher education facility.


The actual applicable law state the judge must put in the order “the reasons for which the person may operate the motor vehicle.”  The laws are not specific about what limits the judge has in   ordering in regards to reasons, however, judges (at least in our experience) have only included those reasons listed above. We suppose it is the unwritten rules followed by the judges in all the courts we have filed. On the other hand, it is questionable as to what else the judge could order for a reason to drive other than what is typically listed if the judge is following the spirit and purpose of the occupational license. The most common reasons seemingly encompass all the most important reasons to drive, if you are restricted, such as work, school, and for your household needs. If we were ever presented a situation where a petitioner needed to drive for a reason not included here, we would consider including that in a petition. The worst a judge could say is no.


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Texas Occupational License Lawyer

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