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If you are considering obtaining an occupational license, you need to know what to expect as far as costs is concerned. There are quite a few attorneys out there advertising fees for obtaining an occupational license; however, we have found that their low advertised costs do not include some required fees in order to have the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) issue an occupational license. Therefore, you must know what fees and costs are generally required. Here are a few mandatory costs regarding occupational licenses:


  1. Petition filing fee: This fee varies by court but the average Dallas metroplex range is about $250.00
  2. Occupational License fee: DPS charges $10.00 per year, up to 2 years, that you need your occupational license. This fee is paid to DPS after a judge grants an occupational license order.
  3. Reinstatement fees: These fees are assessed when a license is suspended and varies depends on the reason for the suspension revocation. Typically, the different reinstatement fees are (1) Safety Responsibility (SR): $100.00; (2) Driver Improvement (DI): $100.00; and (3) Administrative License Revocation (ALR): $125.00.
  4. Certification fee: This is charged by the court to certify the copies of the court order and petition as official. The charge varies and is sometimes included in the petition filing fee.
  5. Attorney fee: Please call to discuss


Based on what fees are required, you can see that you must know to ask if an advertised fee includes all costs and if not, what does it not include. Better yet, call our office for an up front and honest quote for your occupational license needs.


Dallas Occupational Driver License Attorney
Dallas Occupational Driver License Attorney

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