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Attorney In Dallas County For Occupational Driver License
Attorney In Dallas County For Occupational Driver License

1. Q: What is an Occupational Drivers License (ODL)?
A: An ODL is a court ordered license administered by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) granting the holder a limited and restricted privilege to operate a motor vehicle on public roads.

2. Q: How long does it take to get an ODL?
A: The time required to obtain an ODL varies from court to court and similarly from county to county. However, for many situations in Dallas County, we can obtain an ODL within 24 hours of the time you hire our firm, sometimes within the same day.

3. Q: How is an ODL different from a regular license? 
A: An ODL limits the times you can operate a motor vehicle as well as where you can drive and for what purpose. Generally, you can drive to fulfill work requirements, attend school, or perform other essential household duties within the prescribed time limitations.

4. Q: How much time will I be allowed to drive?
A: The law grants only 4 hours of actual time on the road unless the presiding judge waives the time restriction. In any case, you will not be allowed to drive more than 12 hours on the road in any 24 hour time period.

Dallas County Lawyers For Occupational Driver License
Dallas County Lawyers For Occupational Driver License

5. Q: Can I operate a commercial vehicle with an ODL?
A: Sorry, state law prohibits the granting of an ODL for the purpose of operating a commercial vehicle.

6. Q: Why do I have to obtain SR-22 insurance? 
A: State law and the courts require that you have insurance in order to get an ODL and the insurance has to be verified. SR-22 insurance is the only kind that is required to be verified to DPS.

7. Q: How much does it cost to obtain an ODL?
A: The costs associated with obtaining an ODL vary from county to county. There is a cost to file the required petition with the court and there are fees that must be mailed to DPS in order to obtain an occupational license from them. Also, there are attorney’s fees which can vary depending on the county. Contact our office and we will be happy to discuss the costs for your particular case.

8. Q: Do I have to go to court with the attorney to get the ODL?
A: This answer also varies depending on the county. Some counties will require a hearing if the ODL stems from a DWI or drug case. Others don’t require a hearing for license suspensions that resulted from traffic convictions. Our office can discuss your particular situation over the phone.

9. Q: How long is an ODL good for?
A: An ODL is good for one year and up to two years if you pay DPS for the extra year. The cost is only an additional $10.00.

10. Q: I have outstanding traffic tickets, do I have to take care of those before I can get an ODL?
A: The best answer is No. However, it is possible that a judge will require that you clear up any problems you may have with your traffic tickets before you can obtain an ODL. This has really never been a problem for our office.

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