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Texas Department Of Public Safety
Texas Department Of Public Safety

So you forgot about to take care of your traffic ticket? No worries, the court where your ticket is filed will simply issue a warrant for your arrest, increase your court costs, charge you additional warrant fees, issue additional tickets for Failure to Appear or Violating Promise to Appear, and the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) will put on your drivers license indefinitely or until you take care of your warrants. Yep, other than that, you are doing just fine!

Despite the potential fallout from not taking care of your ticket(s), you can still stop the chaos and fix your problems with one phone call to our office. We have seen countless times where the most simple of traffic infractions snowballs into a dangerous and costly mistake. If that has not happened to you, don’t let it get that far. If this situation sounds familiar, call our office today to reserve your free traffic ticket consultation.

DPS will deny the renewal or issuance of your drivers license if you fail to handle outstanding tickets. Under the Failure to Appear / Failure to Pay program, DPS will not renew a drivers license or issue a replacement until the hold is cleared. It is a statewide program that affects thousands of drivers each year.

To search for outstanding tickets in the Failure to Appear program, click here.

The failure to appear program only notifies you of the hold and which court has reported the delinquency to DPS. You must take the proactive steps to contact the court and arrange for each hold to be lifted. It may take 10-14 business days for holds to be removed from the program.

Texas Occupational License Lawyer
Texas Occupational License Lawyer

Another downfall of being in the program is that a person’s driving record will reflect a status of “ineligible” until the holds are removed. This is according to DPS’s website. This means that a person’s license is technically invalid. An invalid license cannot be used to operate a motor vehicle. If you are caught while driving on an invalid license, you can face additional, more serious criminal penalties.

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