Can A Person Get An Occupational License If They Are A Commercial Driver License Holder?

Can A Truck Driver Get An Occupational License?

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Texas Department of Public Safety

We get calls every day regarding occupational license requests in Texas.  One of the most common questions we get are whether or not a person who holds a commercial driver license can obtain an occupational license in Texas.  The answer to that question is yes and no.  This article intends to explain why.  If you have questions regarding occupational licenses in Texas, feel free to contact our experienced team of attorneys.

Why Yes, Why No?

The reason why we answer the question yes and no is because a commercial driver can obtain an occupational license.  However, the license will not cover them while driving a commercial vehicle.  It is the equivalent of having the license reduced to a normal class “c” license like most drivers hold.  It will allow the holder to drive a normal vehicle, such as a sedan or SUV.  But when it comes to hopping back into the cab of a big rig truck, the license will not be valid for that purpose.

The relevant statute that applies to this situation is Section 521.242 part (f) wherein it states:

  • “(f) A court may not grant an occupational license for the operation of a commercial motor vehicle to which Chapter 522 applies.

Notice the key words are “the operation of a commercial vehicle.”  Some will interpret this to mean that a CDL holder cannot obtain an occupational license period, but this simply isn’t true.  The license can be obtained to drive a normal vehicle as stated earlier.  However, it cannot be used for any other purpose.

This is normally of little consequence to a truck driver who wants to get back on the road.  However, what we try to explain to the driver is that if they get caught driving a normal vehicle without an occupational license in place, it could cause them to be charged with a Class “B” misdemeanor and possibly keep them out of the cab of their truck forever.

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