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Texas Department Of Public Safety
Texas Department Of Public Safety

What is worse than losing your driving privileges? Not knowing what to do to get back on the road again. The majority of our clients call because they do not know what to do now that they have lost their driving privileges. The fact that you are reading this article gives you an advantage over the many of our clients. This article will provide a general overview of how we handle occupational licenses. Our years of experience has helped many people and we believe it to be an important part of our job.

First, we review your situation to determine the why, what , and where of your driving license suspension. Sometimes, people confuse a license suspension with an invalid license. When a suspension occurs, a person’s license is suspended for a specific period of time. You cannot reinstate your original license until you have served the suspension period and paid all associated fees. An invalid license can be made valid again at anytime by complying with the Texas Department of Public Safety’s terms for reinstatement. For example, if your license was invalid for having a no insurance conviction on your record, you can reinstate your license again by providing SR-22 insurance to DPS or providing proof that you had valid liability insurance on the date of offense.

We take the extra step in reviewing your status and determining if you truly need an occupational license or simply need to pay some administrative fees, take care of any outstanding tickets, or bring your surcharge account up to date. If we determine that you need an occupational license then we move on to the remaining steps in getting you an occupational license.

If you need an occupational license, you will need to provide our office with the following:

1. SR-22 insurance

2. Payment of all reinstatement fees

3. Payment of court costs

4. Payment of occupational license fees

5. Depending on the county and court we must file your petition in, we may need a copy of your driving record. Here is the link to get one online.

5. Payment of our attorney’s fees. Yes, you must pay us to file your occupational license.

Texas Occupational License Lawyer
Texas Occupational License Lawyer

When we get the above, we will draft a petition to file with the court and you must sign the petition before we can file. Depending on which court we must file your petition, you may or may not need to appear for a hearing on your petition. After any hearing, we will give you a certified copy to carry with you whenever you drive. We will then mail one certified copy to DPS, along with any fees paid on your behalf, to file and issue your a hard copy of your occupational drivers license.

Like I said, this is a general format and we will adapt to your situation to provide you with the best possible service.

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