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Unless you are an experienced attorney, you probably don’t know more than the basics of an occupational license. Most people know that it allows the holder to drive to work and back. They do not know how many hours you are allowed to drive, other places you can drive, any specific limitations or conditions required, or where to even file for an occupational license. We will start a series of articles to help people understand a little more about occupational licenses and some hints to get ready, prepare, and file an occupational license.


There is no one court to file a petition for an occupational license. Each county has a court or courts which may have jurisdiction to grant an occupational license. Depending on the county where the petition is filed, you may or may not need to obtain a driving record prior to having your occupational license granted. The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) is the only entity who keeps your driving history and is accepted by all courts. There are some private companies who offer driving records but their record may not be accepted by the court. It is best to stick to what the court will allow rather than waste time and money on other formats.


Traffic Ticket Lawyer In Dallas
Traffic Ticket Lawyer In Dallas

In order to obtain your driving record from DPS you can do one of the following:


  1. Order online HERE. (You will need your driver’s license or audit number on your license in order to place an online order)
  2. Request a Driving Record by Mail. Click HERE for the order form. (You will need to order Driving Record Type 3)
  3. Go to a local DPS office and order the record which will be mailed to you.


Obtaining a driving record may be necessary depending on the court your case is filed and can reduce your wait time in having your occupational license granted. In any case, the cost is minimal ($7.00 for Type 3 Driving Record) and will help the court expedite your petition.