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Texas Department Of Public Safety
Texas Department Of Public Safety

An occupational license can be very restrictive. It can limit a person’s ability to drive at certain times of the day. It can restrict the locations and areas a person may travel. It restricts the driver to specific reasons for driving. Many of the limitations are at the discretion of the judge while others are mandatory. One of the ways a judge could possibly restrict a driver under an occupational license is to force them to report to a supervisor as a condition. In other words, they report, as the judge so orders, to a “probation” type officer.


The occupational license statute allows a judge to impose as a condition of the occupational license a requirement that the holder report to the local community supervision office in order to verify that the conditions of the occupational license order are being complied with accordingly. Some of the conditions most commonly monitored include installation and maintenance of a ignition interlock device, a log book of travel routes and times, and whether the driver is maintaing insurance as required under the order.


In addition to making a person report to a probation officer, the court can force the holder to pay a monthly administrative fee for the monitoring authorized under the Texas Government Code. The supervision period can extend throughout the occupational license period and can be modified or terminated by the judge for good cause.


A violation of a condition of an occupational license may result in a revocation of the license. Operating without the occupational license may result in criminal penalty.


Dallas Occupational License Attorney
Dallas Occupational License Attorney

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