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Occupational Drivers License Questionnaire


Texas Department Of Public Safety
Texas Department Of Public Safety

Recently, I was filing an occupational license for a client in Dallas county. While in the clerk’s office, a person entered attempting to file for his own occupational license. He had his petition and SR-22 insurance but not the requisite number of copies. The clerk told him to leave and return with one more copy of each the petition and order. I filed my client’s petition and left to conduct other court business. When I returned to the clerk’s room to pick up my petition, the gentleman was back with copies and ready to pay. Unfortunately, he did not bring enough money and had to visit the ATM to withdraw more money to take to the cashiers. I took my file and continued on with my petition.


After a while, I ended up in the court to have the judge review my petition and sign my order. The gentleman was there talking to the judge about the petition he filed. She was instructing him that the petition did not meet the requirements under the law to be a valid petition. Furthermore, he could not understand the limitation on the hours he could drive and failed to include the appropriate language in the petition and order to rectify his mistake. It turns out that he copied a petition from the internet, from another state no less, and did not realize that it was not sufficient as a matter of law to qualify him for an occupational license. The judge could not approve the petition until he made the required changes. The man had to leave and come back another day to get his occupational license.


The moral of the story is that an occupational license is not as easy as it may seem to obtain. There are numerous technical and legal requirements necessary to have it completed correctly. Furthermore, it can be costly and worse, could be denied altogether if a mistake is too fatal to overcome. The internet is not the best place to get legal advice about an occupational license.


Traffic Ticket Lawyer In Dallas
Traffic Ticket Lawyer In Dallas

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